User Experience Solutions

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What we do?

Vertex Ray is a company dedicated to develop and design User Experience projects. Under the mantra "Creating Experience", we develope innovative designs with advanced technology, easy to integrate, flexible and with great advantages and possibilities.

Why User Experience ?

Save 50% Development Time

UX helps define usability requirements up front, avoiding re-work.(1)

Lower Costs for Customer Acquisition

If you solve the needs of your users, they will want your product.(2)

Minimize the Number of Errors

Errors are 80% of the unforeseen fixes requiered, the other 20% are bugs. (3)

User Acceptance and User Adoption are Critical

70% of projects fail due to lack of user acceptance.(4)

Lower Support Costs

90% Reduction in support costs after usability testing (McAfee Protection Pilot software). (5)

Companies are Prioritizing UX

93% of executives thought that improving the user experience was a top strategic priority. (6)


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Why Us ?

We understand the needs of our customers and develop creative functional solutions focused on a great user experience. Our consulting and development services, study the users behavior and evaluate different scenarios and processes to find the best according to their needs and to generate an overall improvement in the business.

  • Frontend Integral Solutions.
  • Immediate response.
  • High quality deliverables.
  • Cutting-edge technologies.